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Try Package PickupWith Package Pickup on DoorDash, you can request a Dasher to pick up prepaid packages from wherever you are and drop them off at a local UPS, FedEx, or Post Office (USPS).
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Up to 5 packages
Live tracking & receipts provided
Get your time back
Here's how Package Pickup on DoorDash works:
  • Set your pickup address, go to the carrier store page, and provide details about your packages like whether it requires a QR code or shipping label and how it's packed.
  • Prepare your packages for ASAP or scheduled pickup. Have a QR code? Send it to your Dasher via in-app chat.
  • Track your packages from pickup to drop-off. You’ll receive a photo of the receipt when the Dasher completes the drop-off.
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Post Office Package PickupASAP or Schedule Ahead$5 Flat Fee. Save $2 with DashPass
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UPS Package PickupASAP or Schedule Ahead$5 Flat Fee. Save $2 with DashPass
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FedEx Package PickupASAP or Schedule Ahead$5 Flat Fee. Save $2 with DashPass
Why should you use Package Pickup?
Feature Card ImageFast & easy to useFrom pickup to drop-off (with photo confirmation) in under 1 hour.
Feature Card ImageAffordable$5 flat fee for up to 5 packages. Save $2 with DashPass.
Feature Card ImageWe've got your backTrack packages from pickup to drop-off. Contact us if anything goes wrong.
Package Pickup for all your needs
Feature Card ImageSame day pickup for your every need, wherever you are
Feature Card ImageASAP pickups or schedule ahead
Feature Card ImageNo shipping label? QR codes also work!
Feature Card ImageDasher will send a photo of the confirmation receipt after drop-off
Frequently asked questions
Can I send items going to two different drop-off locations in the same request?

No. Each delivery request must be limited to a single drop-off point (a UPS, USPS, FedEx location). However, you may send up to 5 packages to the same drop-off location. If you decide to place more than one request to multiple drop-off locations, we recommend you physically write the drop-off location on each package.

Can DoorDash print a label for me?

No, DoorDash will not print the label for your package return. Labels must be pre-printed and pre-attached to the package you intend to return for it to be eligible for this service.

How will I know that my package has been dropped off? Can I receive a tracking number?

The Dasher will send a photo confirmation of your package at the drop-off location, and the app will notify you once the package has been dropped off. DoorDash will not provide tracking numbers.

Will this service process my refund for me?

No. This service only completes the first stage of your return; picking up your package and dropping it off to FedEx, USPS, or UPS. To get information on your refund, please contact the online retailer you purchased from.

What happens if my package(s) are never delivered?

If you suspect your package has not been dropped off, please contact DoorDash Customer Support at +1(855) 213-2693 or through the Help Support Button in-app. Our team will investigate the incident and you may be subject to reimbursement for the value of your packages, up to $500 per order. Please see the Package Reimbursement section for more details.